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At Manifest Fiction, we are always looking for great ways to entertain you. We believe that the best high-tech games and other media are the ones where you become part of the action. Our current and upcoming projects are sure to keep your attention for hours. Get ready to tap your phone, open the app, and play!


Animation and Soundtrack

Animated Movie: "Cisco Fisher Cyber-Cop" - Coming Late 2016
Description: Cutting-Edge 3D Animated Sci-Fi Thriller Movie


Follow Cisco Fisher on a journey deep into cyberspace in his quest to protect Hyperball City from malicious nano-thugs and other evildoers.

Soundtrack Available Now!

Although you'll have to wait to see the movie, the soundtrack to this exciting animated movie is available for purchase on the CD Baby™ website. Experience the pulsating, jazzy, hip-hop, electronica, syncopomp soundtrack that will tap into the foundation of your imagination.

This Just In

There's just something about a graphic novel that makes the words and pictures leap off the pages. If you're a fan of this genre, our new action-adventure graphic novel is now available on The title is Blue Elephants Volume 1: The Alpha Edition by MPJohnson. The sequel, Blue Elephants Volume 2, is coming soon.